Monday, July 7, 2014

A long drive home

Since we took two cars up to NY we were able to put Sean with my parents and Carter with us. We were all exhausted from a busy couple of days but Carter stayed awake the whole time until 45 mintues from home. She waited 8 hours and 15 minutes to fall asleep. LOL. It wasn't a bad drive home at all and we didn't hit any real bad traffic. We all came home and went to bed early and the kids slept til almost 8 am this morning.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Bonfire, hot dogs and S'mores

After our busy day with my mom's family we headed back to my grandparents house for another bonfire complete with hot dogs and S'mores. It wasn't as chilly as the night before but still so nice to sit by a fire and not be roasting hot in the summer. My grama bought super large mashmellows so the s'mores were overflowing with melted marshmellow. It made quite the mess!

Family get together

Since we don't make it up to western NY too often, we haven't seen our extended family in quite a while. My uncle was able to host my mom's side of the family at his house for a nice lunch/afternoon. While we were there the kids got to go on yet another "gator" ride (or rides as they just started asking anyone to take them!) and we got to take a ride around Rushford lake with my Uncle Rick and my Great Uncle Melvin. We had amazing weather, 77 and no humidity. We didn't wear our bathing suits as the water was probably a little chilly for us but we still enjoyed our ride around the lake.

I also was able to nag my family into letting me take a few family pictures. Some of them were not so excited about that as you can see from their faces!

It was so great to be able to spend the day with our family!

Friday, July 4, 2014

NY Road Trip

We decided to join my parents on their road trip to Rushford, NY for the fourth of July. It was a bit complicated as Dan was working in Chicago until Thurs but he was able to change his flight and fly into Buffalo. Buffalo is about 1.5 hours from my grandparents house, which isn't so bad, except his flight didn't land until 12:10 am. Whew! 10 hour car trip followed by a late night at the airport and we were all exhausted!

On the fourth of July my grandparents have a big party with fireworks and a pot luck dinner. Earlier in the day the kids and Dan and my sister went exploring on the 120 acres of land. They have all sorts of "toys" to play with, tractors, four wheelers and "gators". The kids went on numerous rides throughout our stay in NY. They also have a pond in their front yard so the kids loved looking for fish and even helped my cousins do a little fishing during the party.
We also were able to visit my Aunt Pam and Uncle Denny who live close by, they have horses and a new baby horse that were wanted to see. His name was Briar.

We had a nice bonfire to keep us warm because it was freezing! I haven't worn that many clothes in July in years! It was a nice break from our horrible humid heat so we appreciated being able to sit by a fire. The fireworks began around 9:15 but there was one person that wasn't a fan= Carter! She got a little scared and so she and Dan observed from inside the house. Sean loved it and asked how old he needed to be in order to help set off the fireworks. Finally by about 10:30 the kids were sleeping in bed. What a fun fourth of July!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Swim meets

We've had 3 swim meets so far this summer and they have only gotten progressively better each week. After Sean's first attempt at his 25 meter free style, he cried hysterically. He just started crying about 10 feet from the wall in the pool and I could see him struggle to finish. It broke my heart to see him struggle like that. But, I didn't want to encourage giving up, so we decided he needed to work harder and swim the whole race without stopping. He did just that during his second meet. He made it all the way to the end without stopping taking off 12 seconds of his original time. For his third meet, I noticed he was placed in lane 4 which is where the faster swimmers are placed (towards the outside there is more wake so they give the advantage to faster swimmers by letting them swim in the middle of the pool). Since he was in the middle I knew he had a good chance at winning his heat if he worked hard. Unfortunately someone false started and so the loud siren went off which signals the swimmers to STOP swimming. Sadly, the 6 and under boys just kept swimming and swimming until an older swimmer jumped in and stopped them Sean was almost to the end went they stopped him. So, now he had to do it all over again with a few minutes to recover. He jumped back in and swam his little heart out to earn his first ever win in his heat. The reward is the coveted lolipop which he carried around proudly like it was a trophy. The next morning he woke up with it in his hand! He still hasn't eaten to this day. I've never seen him so proud of himself! We look forward to each week to see his improvement. He took off another 3 second last week after the false start. Who knows what he has in store? Maybe he'll take after me and become a swimmer!

There he is with his lolipop! (kona ice too!)

Sunday, June 29, 2014

I said I'd never drive a . . . .

Mini-Van but I am! We needed to find a new car as our Honda Pilot was getting old and had some issues lately. Rather than put more money into that car we knew it was time to get something newer. Unforunately, newer Pilots are soo expensive compared to the price of the vans. Not to mention the van has so much more space than the pilot. So, we did it. We officially became old.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Carter learned to swim

Even though she didn't really have swim lessons yet this year she decided she needed to learn to swim on her own. She just took off!

Out for pizza!

 A local pizza placed from Charlottesville opened up around us, so we decided to see if it was just as good as Dan remembered! It was! I had avocado, tomato and feta pizza that was delicious!


Friday, June 27, 2014

Minature golf

Sean has been asking to go to play miniature golf for a while and we were finally able to go. Carter lost interest after a few holes but Sean kept trying the whole time. They had a good time and that might have been the quickest game of golf ever!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Playdate with the girls

Since Sean was at sports camp we were able to meet some of Carter's friends for a playdate at the park (in the shade!). After a few minutes the girls warmed up to each other and had fun playing.